Sip Your Desserts!

Sip Your Desserts!

Kindled with the idea of transforming delectable desserts into drinks, Another Hound Café partners with Perrier to create three special drinks that are worth every sip.


Perrier_Som Som



From the top selling dessert, Mixed Fruit    Salad with Orange Granita, the drink Som  Som brings out a different perspective of  refreshments that oranges can give.

Rich with  textures of orange granita, Mamalade, Pomelo  and Sunkist Orange Zest. Added with a bit of a  fizz from Perrier. It’s smoothie-licious!




Perrier_Chum Cham




Chum Cham Parfait casts a shadow as the drink Peach Peekaboo.

The juicy taste of peach peeking through blended lemon sorbet, raspberry and orange. Topped with coconut jelly and sparkling Perrier. The mingling of “everything” makes it so juicy-tastic!




Perrier_Strawberry Balsamic



Inspired by the Strawberry Balsamic Meringue, Strawberry Swing reflects a velvety texture on the tongue.

With mellow balsamic vinegar infused with a handful of fresh strawberries, given a bit of a swing with bubbly Perrier.
It’s a complex sweetness that explodes in the mouth.