Under The Pink Spell

Under The Pink Spell

Bewitched within the first sip of its mind-blowing strawberry flavor!

Experience the wonder of strawberry flavor and perrier at Another Hound Cafe in 3 ways.

1. Strawberry Spell
Just-a-sip of strawberry perrier spell, added with raspberry syrup and strawberry ice ball.

Another Hound Cafe Perrier Strawberry Under the pink spell Strawberry Spell

2. Dream of Ace
A combination of strawberry Perrier, Lychee and lime juice, wizarded with lime ice cube
Another Hound Cafe Perrier Strawberry Under The Pink Spell Dream of Ace

3. Pink-Potion
The Magical strawberry Perrier mixed with lime juice, fresh strawberry, ice tea and lime ice cube.

These our new drinks will amaze you!